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Why hire by culture?

89% of Mishires are due to Value|Soft Skill|Character|Attitude Mismatch

We are living in a world of ubiquitous information, and the usage of internet technologies has redefined talent. Top companies are ahead of the game and have been screening their talent based on the 21st skill competencies such as character, value and work motivation.

But how to quantify fit?

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Through our proprietary combination of overlooked processes

1. Reference Check

Working in a professional environment for months with someone gives them a wealth of knowledge about you. Get endorsed by people who know you the best.

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2. 360 Feedback

Your boss knows your work habits, but your peers know your benevolence. We understand this, get a holistic view by getting your values validated by the right people.

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3. Strength Assessment

Psychometric tests and self-profiles are only great for self-improvement. Profile your key strength and key training gaps through people who know you.

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Empower Your Gut And
Hire Predictively

NextGen Framework
Screen Better by

Identify Red-Flags Early

Sometimes the best performers, can be culture killers. Identify these differences early, and save time from interviewing false leads by filtering talent who’s values do not fit your team’s.

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Hire Better by

Finding Hidden Gems

Screening through candidates using keywords? Several may be the right guy for you, but don’t have the best biodata. Look further, identify the great performers in teams similar to yours.

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NextGen Framework
Conduct More

Quality Interviews

Armed with all this power, conduct longer, meaningful interviews by selecting a better pool, but asking them the right questions. Get the benefit of years of experience with your candidates, through intimate insights at your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, basically, a LinkedIn Testimonial?
LinkedIn Testimonials are unstructured, usually containing very similar information. But most importantly, public. By allowing the candidate to see this information, the objectivity of the assessment is lost. Recruiters tell us these are worth close to nothing in their eyes, as nobody would write a critical assessment of someone, when they know they'll be seeing it. The same applies to letters of recommendation.
References are not a decision-making tool because people only refer their friends.
Reference checks, suffer from the age-old stigma of being a check-box process, to verify employment history and make sure the candidates aren't bad apples. However, a structured assessment of the applicants' strengths and weaknesses, can allow us to sort through the crowd, and hire the best fit for the job and company.
Developed in consultation with I/O Psychologists to deliver a structured assessment to identify qualities in an individual.
Why not pre-employment assessments?
Pre-employment assessments generally have the candidates on their best behaviour, thinking of the best way to react. In short, what they aspire to be. The same applies to case scenario's. But that optimal self, isn't how the candidate usually behaves.
For a true view? Find out from the one person who's seen them in action for several years. Their ex-bosses, and people they've worked with.
I usually judge a person's qualities and soft skills during the interview. How is this better?
Absolutely. Your recruitment processes have evolved and are specific to your company. You know best how to find the right fit for your company. What we do, is enable you to make better shortlisting decisions by providing you with additional information before you ever start interviewing. Companies that use us, say their interviews are significantly better, enabling them to find the most suitable people.
Where do I sign up?
Head over to our contact page and we'll get in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, schedule a demo or drop us a line through any of the channels on this site.
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Customer Testimonials

At first, I was using the platform merely just a tool to collect my references. When I heard that they do culture-fit assessment, I was skeptical at first but here I am, getting my first internship through Vita and I really feel I belong in this company.

Jasmine Zheng CS Student at SIT
Customer Testimonials

It was tough finding job as a foreigner in Singapore, there are very few spot and the competition is tough to secure a job. Thanks to my referees, I can show myself beyond what's written on my resume

Adrian Leonardo Graduate from Republic Polytechnic
Customer Testimonials

This is great, its like a living breathing CV and I can re-use my references without repetitive asking my referee to do so

Ni Jia Ying CS Student at NUS

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