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The first ever portal, that allows a company to sort through applications using referee-assessed values, as opposed to just Resumes.

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Traditional Screening processes lead to company-making hires being left out

Resume Based screening

A document filled with unverified, self-declared information, with up to 70% inaccuracies, doesn't make for a great screening tool.

Short term recruitment

Recruitment with no qualitative information taken, until the end of the recruitment process, contains no information about how the candidate would perform in the role, and the company.

Pre-Hire Assessment

All forms of pre-hiring assessment, have the candidate on their best behaviour, thinking "How would I like to be seen by the employer". It's how they think they would behave, ideally. This is seldom how they perform over a long time-line.

Why you choose us

Don't let hidden gems get lost in the race to shortlist applicants

Vita-enabled businesses are growing faster than ever, with the ability to assemble the best teams in the shortest time. Find better talent, with fewer interviews.


Significantly increased speed to hire, by conducting lesser, targetted interviews, knowing more about your candidates upfront and skipping the reference check process.

Better Hire

With the right tools in your hand, and more information about the qualitative aspects of a candidate, verified by referees, you have all you need to make the best hiring decisions.

Prevent Bad Hires

Hiring the wrong person can be very expensive, or even detrimental to the success of a smaller team. We empower you with insight to spot the bad apples early.

Easy implementation

No complicated setup. No learning curve or additional training required to use the program. Intuitive design and easy-to-use system will have you set up in a matter of minutes.

Screening Stage

Selecting whom to interview from 100's of applicants based on a Resume, filled with self-declared data, isn't doing justice to your organisation.

Interview / Internal Assessment Stage

With your years of experience and honed skills, You've developed a keen process of interviews and assessments to identify the best candidates.

We wouldn't ever dream of replacing that.

Additional Information

By providing you with an additional layer of information on top of a Resume, hidden from the candidates, you can now take a holistic view of the applicant pool and exercise your discretion to shortlist, taking far more into consideration.

Without wasting time on the wrong interviews, you save endless man-hours, leaving you more time for strategic work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, basically, a LinkedIn Testimonial?
LinkedIn Testimonials are unstructured, usually containing very similar information. But most importantly, public. By allowing the candidate to see this information, the objectivity of the assessment is lost. Recruiters tell us these are worth close to nothing in their eyes, as nobody would write a critical assessment of someone, when they know they'll be seeing it. The same applies to letters of recommendation.
References are not a decision-making tool because people only refer their friends.
Reference checks, suffer from the age-old stigma of being a check-box process, to verify employment history and make sure the candidates aren't bad apples. However, a structured assessment of the applicants' strengths and weaknesses, can allow us to sort through the crowd, and hire the best fit for the job and company.
Developed in consultation with I/O Psychologists to deliver a structured assessment to identify qualities in an individual.
Why not pre-employment assessments?
Pre-employment assessments generally have the candidates on their best behaviour, thinking of the best way to react. In short, what they aspire to be. The same applies to case scenario's. But that optimal self, isn't how the candidate usually behaves.
For a true view? Find out from the one person who's seen them in action for several years. Their ex-bosses, and people they've worked with.
I usually judge a person's qualities and soft skills during the interview. How is this better?
Absolutely. Your recruitment processes have evolved and are specific to your company. You know best how to find the right fit for your company. What we do, is enable you to make better shortlisting decisions by providing you with additional information before you ever start interviewing. Companies that use us, say their interviews are significantly better, enabling them to find the most suitable people.
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Head over to our contact page and we'll get in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, schedule a demo or drop us a line through any of the channels on this site.
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Collect applications from a wide array of sources, and sort by appropriateness for the role.

View assessments from ex-bosses, peers, mentors, employees, customers and personal, to get a holistic view of the candidate.


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