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Why candidate insights?

The best teams need the best people

We are living in a world of ubiquitous information, and the usage of internet technologies has redefined not only how we work, but what defines great talent. The old tools don't work anymore. Top companies know this and invest in their talent identification to win the war on talent.

But how do you find the best people?

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Vita believes the first step to solving this involves filling the gaps in knowledge of candidate profiles and adding context to the situation.

What gaps in knowledge?

We do this by analysing your candidates through 2 novel sources of data.

1. Personalised Market Analytics

Studying over 7 million+ regional job movements to identify top performers, customised to your talent pipeline.

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2. 360 Feedback

A dynamic, automated reference check, presented as a psychometric profile. The truest feedback system, novel to the market.

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Beyond Screening Automation.
Unleash the true potential of your applicant pool.

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Crush your

DE & I goals

Beyond institutional and personal biases. Learn how studying market trends lets you overcome employer-brand bias to find your A players.

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Technology built to

Co-Pilot, not replace

Majority of Talent Acquisition (TA) technology fails because they're trying to replace the TA fuction. The best co-pilots set their pilots up to win, effortlessly.

How does that work?
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NextGen Framework
Watch your efficiency shoot through the roof with

Unbiased Prioritisation

Automatic reviews of every candidate by job related qualifications ensures that every candidate is screened in a fair and consistent manner, improving Speed, Quality & Satisfaction for Candidates and Recruiters

Find my top performers fairly? How?

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