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Identify Red-Flags early

Culture-killers are generally high performers. The recruitment process is built to identify these high performers, but doesn't screen for their fit into the team. Reduce probation and save time from interviewing false leads by filtering talent who's value does not fit your teams.

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Find Hidden Gems

Generate leads who might not have the best biodata, but are great performers somewhere else, in a team similar to yours. By collecting infomraiton specific to their previous jobs we identify these factors like nobody else.

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NextGen Framework
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Conduct Better Interviews

Conduct longer, meaningful interviews by interviewing fewer but more qualified pool of talent. Armed with our interview support tools, and intimate insights into situations in the candidates past, now dig into areas that you ought to know of, and align them with what your team needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I, as a company know my own values first?

A lot of us don’t have it set in stone just yet, which is why we’ve set up a smart short questionnaire, which identifies your cultural preferences based on answers to some simple questions about the company, and the team you're hiring for.

I usually do Psychometric tests on my hires, that should be enough for me.

Psychometric tests are great, as a form of self-assessment. However, studies show us they suffer from an inherent self-review bias. What this means is you wouldn’t be able to accurately list out my weaknesses and have that corroborated by your peers. So, as a tool for recruitment and job placement?

What are my direct Return On Investments from this?

Reduced number of interviews conducted, gives you time saved on interviews. The industry average interview success rate is estimated at around 5-10%. Our clients have been able to increase this up to 80%, hiring 8 out of the 10 interviews conducted. We don’t quantify the costs of a bad hire because we feel these calculations are rather arbitrary in terms of figures for its estimation. Instead, we provide you with the information, flag it where necessary, and trust you to make the call.

What about my indirect ROIs?

Marked happier workforce. We’ve seen teams functioning happier, and more productive with the people around them. Turns out it's not a candidate's hard skills that makes them fit into a team, its certain characteristics about them. That’s what we quantify and deliver. Happiness isn't something we can quantify, so see it in use for yourself. Not happy with the result? We'll offer your full fee back in its entirety.