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Streamlined Recruitment

Free yourself up by automating Follow-ups|Assessment|Collection .
Consolidate applicants from many different sources in one easy to use location.

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Consolidation, Standardisation, Comparability unlocked through
Powerful Analytics

NextGen Framework


Comparability amongst candidates built on consistency of results by collecting the right information at the appropriate time. As opposed to traditional reference checks trying to understand the interpretations of various people spread across different functions.

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Vita enables a

Democratic Recruitment Process

Consolidate inputs form various parties, your hiring manager, Talent Acquisition personnel, Director, and Team Lead all have their own say for democratic recruitment decisions. Spreading the decision-making through the stakeholders reduces bias from any one group of hiring.

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NextGen Framework

Reduce time to hire

By completely removing the manual element of several parts of the recruitment process, stand to reduce the time to hire by upto 40%!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Employer branding benefit me?

Growing your employer brand, by having your corporate colours and logo on a customised link and landing page has been shown to improve the candidate experience, fostering feelings of trust in your company. This also has been shown to reduce the drop out rate of applicants, along the application process.

Why should I automate what my HR is already doing for me?

The most common and highest rated pain point in the candidate application process as released in LinkedIn’s report, is the lack of human touchpoints. With the HR personnel occupied with following up, drafting and chasing after manual tasks that can easily be automated, there’s less time to be spent on the things that really matter, close contact with your candidates. That is what we offer, free up your HR departments time to focus on the more important tasks, with streamlining functions.

I wouldn’t need streamlining because I don’t get a lot of applications.

I would refer you to Vita Grow your Candidate Pool. When they start pouring in you're gonna need a place to collect and sort through all these, so return to this page!

Why is candidate experience important to me?

About 70% of candidates say they wouldn’t apply to a company with a poor candidate experience. This represents a wealth of potentially great candidates dropping out daily due to your current processes. You don’t have the time to study and develop the best solutions for this, so allow us to. Our application process is staggered and brought down to under 1 minute, for a new account creation, for existing users? One-click apply.