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We're redefining Founder Assessment|Screening|Quality|Values for you.

Put a qualitative assessment value to the founders coming into your program. Find the unicorns of tomorrow, with the right assessment tools.

Objective startup information, delivered. Get to know more about the people you're betting on.

Easily manage your applications

Collect applications and sort through in a single place

Multiple factors

Assess Founders through multiple channels for a holistic view

Objective Assessment

The first ever referee-assessed data collection platform

Why you need us in your process

First ever team-based objective assessment platform

The Founding team is what makes a startup. Over 80% of the startups that fail, are victims of poor synergy and execution.

Leverage on long-term assessments

Any assessment carried out in the short term, is a direct result of preparation and planning for that pitch. Leverage on people who've known the Founders for years.

Better Decisions

With the right tools in your hand, and more information about the qualitative aspects of a founder, verified by referees, you have all you need to make the best decisions on who to trust.

Assessment for many

Knowledge of Mentors, Customers, Investors, Peers, who've seen the founding team in action, seen them communicate and perform together, have the most valuable assessments on how they work together.

Easy implementation

No complicated setup. No learning curve or additional training required to use the program. Intuitive design and easy-to-use system will have you integrated in a matter of minutes.

Get a view of the team from the inside

Assess the team from a qualified point of view, like never before


Get set up in under a few minutes, with close to no learning curve at all. Schedule a quick chat with us today!


Collect Applications

Applicants don't go through any complicated process. With a simple 3 minute form, you get several times the value in data points and information.


Assess better

Get a look under the hood, from objective assessments by the subject-matter experts on those founders (people who've seen them in action, every day).

Interactive Scores

Set the weightage of the factors you're assessing, and sort through applications based on this score.

With real-time adjustments in the weightage given to different factors, you're able to view what the results would look like in various different situations. Easily change and compare how rankings change within the cohort based on your changing needs.

(You'd probably want someone who scores high on Adaptability during turbulent times, and someone with near-perfect scores on coachability for early stage first time founders. You decide the factors. You decide the weightage, we do the rest for you.)

Advanced comparative statistics.

Comparative analysis of Founding team vs cohort and Founder pool average.

Not only do you now have the power to see where certain founders strengths and weaknesses lie, with comparative analytics, you can now assess applicants by seeing how they stand out from the rest of the pool, or specific shortlisted ones, based on your needs.

Leverage on our tools, and empower your judgement for the best decision making. Stand out by finding those hidden gems who have the right team. The ones whom with your expertise, are the unicorns of tomorrow.

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