Culture and Soft-Skills
From those who know them best.

Tap into your candidates' network to understand their cultural alignment and value profile with one easy tool. The Vita Automated Reference Check.

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Why Human Intelligence?

Intelligence on your candidates, created by,

Reference checks with purpose

Every referee knows the candidate from a different angle and capacity. The Vita 360 is an automated reference check tool that contextualises questions asked to each referee, and builds a psychometric profile on the candidate through this data source.

Simply put, the smartest reference check on the market.

NextGen Framework
NextGen Framework
Understand better with

Contextualised References

Much like a phone call, Vita's referees are first qualified, then asked specific, directed questions to build a full profile.
What does this mean? Some aspects such as Grit & Resilience, wouldn't be best assessed by someone who hasn't known the canidate long enough, or been through a tough time with them.
We ask the right questions, to the right people.

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The power to

Understand Candidate Traits

Collected and presented as a psychometric profile, the Vita reference allows us to truly understand the background from which this candidate is coming.
Their lived experiences put together in a structured format.

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Stunning Graphics
NextGen Framework
The ability to

Find Hidden Gems

Looking beyond the resume, at the person themselves, gives us deeper insights than we would have ever imagined.
Tap into the best way to find atypical profiles. The real winners hidden in your pipeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, basically, like a LinkedIn Testimonial?
LinkedIn Testimonials are unstructured, usually containing very similar information "Candidate is great, Hardworking etc". But most importantly, public. By allowing the candidate to see this information, the objectivity of the assessment is lost.

Recruiters tell us these are worth close to nothing in their eyes, as nobody would write a complete assessment of someone, when they know they'll be seeing it. The same applies to letters of recommendation.
References are not a decision-making tool because people only refer their friends.
The biggest issue with reference checks is the way they're conducted. Reference checks are often used to get performance data from the individual. This is the wrong source of information for this data.

However, a structured assessment of the applicants' strengths and weaknesses, can allow us to sort through the crowd, and hire the best fit for the job and company.

We're developed, in consultation with I/O Psychologists to deliver a structured assessment to identify qualities in an individual.
Why not pre-employment assessments?
Pre-employment assessments generally have the candidates on their best behaviour, thinking of the best way to react. In short, what they aspire to be. The same applies to case scenarios. But that optimal self, isn't how the candidate usually behaves.

For a true view? Find out from the one person who's seen them in action for several years. Their ex-bosses and people they've worked with.
Where do I sign up?
Head over to our contact page and we'll get in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, schedule a demo or drop us a line through any of the channels on this site.