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Your all-in-one portal to manage your recruiting needs.

Global Talent Crunch is Increasing Recruitment Sourcing Effort

Recruiter spend 32% longer finding talent Advertising cost rose by 43% in 2021

Plug-and-play Vita into your ATS, CRM, HRIS and Job Boards

Fully leverage all your talent database

First-ever Search Engine for Recruiters

Move from boolean search to something that understands how you look for talent.

Upgrading your ATS?
Enhace your ATS's capabilities
Vita makes your ATS smarter though our easy plug-and-play integration. Increase ROI on ATS spend by upto 3x
Investing in AI Screening?
Market Leading Traceability
Your AI screening solution may be putting your company at risk. Compliant to upcoming AI in HR regulations, with all the benefits of AI.
Managing multiple hiring solutions?
Single Source of Truth
Use Vita as your RMS and navigate through your ATS, HRIS, and even prospect pools, all in one single, seamless view

The easiest ROI justificaiton you've ever made.

Equip your talent team with the best tool to source and analyse their prospects, since your ATS purchase.

For Talent Acquisition
Increase Qualified Talent
Get an average of 20 more qualified candidates instantly sourced per position. Reduced Agency spend.
For Talent Acquisition
Time to fill
Close positions faster than ever before, spending no time looking for qualified talent
For Human Resource
Reduce Cost per Applicant
75% increase in ROI on job ads spent and 4 days saved for low-volume jobs
For Talent Management
Reduced Hiring Costs
Find silver medalist and promote internal mobility using our engine that taps to ATS, HRIS, or even your sibling/partner companies.

Recruit both with Art and Science!

Experts from a passionate team of data scientists and recruiters.


Job movements analysed


Profiles matched
Enterprise grade quality

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Working with Vita means a worry-free recruiting experience, with a marked reduction in operational hiring costs, increase candidate satisfaction scores, improved retention, and dramatically reduced time-to-fill.

By recruiters, for recruiters

What recruiters like about us

Built to support recruiters, enjoy ease of use and a fuilt recruitment experience, that results in faster revenue, more applicants, and the ability to serve your talents better.

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