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Align yourself with industry
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Give yourself the credit you deserve by letting your uniqueness shine

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Fit into the right teams

Make sure the teams you’re applying to share similar values to you. You want your next job to be where you’re happy with the right people. Values aligned lower mismatch. Often overlooked is the significant negative impact on candidates of these bad fits. Find that fit through us.

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Learning and Development

Benchmarking and Self Assessment

Get access to meta-data and trends about the nuances of information collected about you. Learn how your attributes compare to others in your field with advanced benchmarking against your peers and high performers.

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NextGen Framework
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Easily share this information about you with the right people. Help them make the right decision with a single click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vita a Data analytics platform?

Yes. Vita’s goal is to make sure you’re the right fit for the companies and job functions you’re applying to. The way we do this, is by powering the core engine behind collections and analysis of the right data about you as an individual, and make this legible to the hirers you’re considering working with.

Do I own my own data?

Yes. Vita strongly believes in the candidates right to create, see and own all data about themselves. You may create (request for reference), share and delete any information about you at any time. Whatever you update on your profile updates live to all companies you’ve applied to, for the latest, up-to-date information.

Can I see my reference information?

No. The detailed reference information raw answers are withheld from the candidates to protect the objectivity of the referees. However, meta-data and analytics of these results are available to you, along with directly actionable insights.

Will I need to keep getting more references for each job I apply to?

No. All data you collect is completely reusable. In fact you’ll never have to ask your referees for more than one reference assessment. They spend 5 minutes filling up a short form and you can reuse that for all future professional applications, educational institution applications, etc. Collect the last reference you’ll ever need today!