Vita's Reference is
Completely Automated

Platform designed to require zero interaction from the company's side. Post a job, and watch the rest unfold before you.

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NextGen Framework
Enjoy automation with

Zero human interaction

When we say Fully automated we mean it. Just post your job, and watch and your candidate pool fills up with qualified, industry vet candidates. We're taking a several-day processes, to minutes.

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Asking the right questions lets you

Uncover deep insights

Our proprietary framework vetted by the best Psychologists, Career coaches and industry experts lies at the pinnacle of research in the field. We uncover the details you ought to know by asking the right questions.

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NextGen Framework
Vita helps you

Save Time and Effort

Our reference checks are collected on a mobile-first interface with added support for SMS based review collection necessary in many situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own questions?

We’ve created a form of data collection in par with the best practices, and the pinnacle of research in the fields of IO Psychology and Organisational Behviorology. We work with frameworks such as the 21st Century Skills Framework. We work closely with our clients towards providing an assessment framework that fits their needs.

What’s the Turn Around Time?

From the time of the request to the result collection, we’ve seen 80% of submissions made with 24 hours, up to a maximum of 3 days.

How is this different from any automated reference checks?

We stress on candidate experience, making these reusable to the candidate increases the likelihood of completion, and incentivise them to get you this information far earlier on in the pipeline.

I’ve heard phone calls are the best, I like to be able to ask follow up questions.

Definitive studies have shown that phone call reference checks usually catch the referees off-guard, they aren’t able to quickly put together case scenarios in which the candidate displayed certain qualities. It s a lot like those YouTube videos where they catch people off the street and ask them simple geography questions, we aren’t designed to answer like that. Wanna experience the difference? Try it out and see for yourself today.