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We're out here to make a Fairer Recruitment system

Our main motivations behind why we do, what we do, is rooted in an issue we saw play out right in front of us.

What drives us
In a job market with limited positions, we watched as friends of ours, who we knew for years, to be hard workers, competent and excellent in their field, the kind that stay back after work and always go the extra mile, be forced out of their industry by the market conditions.
While at the same time, some boasted that they lied on their resume, and landed 3 job offers, those who apmlified their accomplishments, and made resume claims they could never live up to. These were the same ones who underperformed at work, and didn't put in the effort required of them.
What was sad, is that at the end of the day it's the company who suffers from a bad hire, when the person with the right attitude and fit is filtered out by their modest and truthful resume claims.
We believe they're all good at something, and should find the right role, for example, the latter would make great salespeople. What we needed was not a ranking system to see who's better, but a quantitative measure of strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit for the job.
There had to be a better way. A way for these applicants to be seen for who they really are, how they perform in a workplace, their motivations, strengths and weaknesses. We felt that there's nobody better to tell this story than those who've worked with them before. Hence, was born Vita.

Our passions
Our passions always lay in data privacy and we're strong believers in the decentralisation of data. We also believe an individual should have full control over their personal information and shouldn't freely be giving it out. We've incorporated these values into the very essence and architecture of our design, and it's a driving force behind our innovation here at Vita.

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